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Qlik GeoAnalytics not only provides comprehensive mapping capabilities, but also moves beyond visualization with built-in support for a broad range of advanced geoanalytic use cases to help reveal crucial geospatial information and expose. hidden geographic relationships.

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High performance, interactive mapping

The on-the-fly location lookup capabilities of Qlik GeoAnalytics enables users to easily add rich, interactive geo visualizations to their Qlik apps. With an integral location library that contains millions of pre-defined places and areas, any map within a QlikView or Qlik Sense app is automatically populated and updated. Multiple map and visualization layers enable users to explore, in one tailored visualization, all geo information along with any relationships.


Gain geospatial insight

Qlik GeoAnalytics allows organizations to go beyond map visualizations to understand and analyze geospatial relationships. Gain insight into patterns not easily interpreted through tables or charts. The power of Qlik’s associative model can be applied to analyze geo data relationships with non-geo data as well as uncover non-relationships. Easy incorporate external geospatial data or map layers into your visualization or analysis; even import spatial information such as CAD files for indoor mapping applications.

Broad location-related use cases

With a full spectrum of mapping and geospatial capabilities that share a common set of tools and technologies, Qlik GeoAnalytics can meet the needs of a wide variety of location-related use cases. Qlik GeoAnalytics offers customers the flexibility to implement a fully hosted solution, a completely on premise implementation or a combination of the two. And having already been implemented in multiple industries and across different business functions, one can be confident that Qlik GeoAnalytics can meet the specific requirements of a customer’s geospatial project.

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More Qlik GeoAnalytics Benefits

1. Better Location-related Decisions

Many important organizational decisions such as site selection, resource allocations, or delivery times depend on location information. Maps provide visual context that help Qlik customers make correct, informed decisions involving location.

2. Improve Understanding

Qlik can now increase data relatability as the map paradigm is a familiar environment to most users. With the ability to quickly show cartographic information, users can gain insight into patterns not easily interpreted through tables or charts to better understand the whole story that lives within their data.

3. Increase Productivity

With the ability to instantly supplement location data such as cities and countries with the necessary geo information, any Qlik user can now add rich, interactive geo visualizations to their Qlik apps. And because all of Idevio’s products and tools run on the same platform, customers can easily expand their mapping solution by building upon their existing implementation.


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