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Supply Chain

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Challenges in Data & Analytics for Supply Chain

To survive in today’s competitive market, retailers and wholesalers alike need to be able to analyze trends and react to business anomalies with speed and precision. Everyday a decision is delayed can translate to lost sales and margin erosion. With Qlik, business users benefit from self-service access to the information they need, when they need it, to make smart decisions to drive the bottom-line.
Supply chains are complex. From forecasting and planning, to production, warehousing, and transportation, all aspects must be finely tuned.
Why Change?

Encourage data exploration in your organization to drive better decision making. Improve performance with minimal time and cost.

Supply chains are complex. From forecasting and planning, to production, warehousing, and transportation, all aspects must be finely tuned.
End-to-end Visibility

Data discovery dashboards and scorecards can integrate large volumes of disparate data from many sources, while detailed visualizations reveal previously unseen trends and data associations. Executive dashboards and scorecards provide end-to-end visibility of supply chain performance across multiple functions and disciplines, allowing executives to make better, more informed decisions. Significantly, these capabilities elevate the priority of the supply chain to the decision-makers at C-level.

Forecasting & Planning

Processes such as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) require collaboration both inside and outside the organization. They seek to plan the supply chain by balancing the needs of all participants with the end result being a rationalized single plan for the coming period. S&OP & CPFR are both processes that are underpinned by data, therefore participants need access to information and insights from multiple sources to make informed and timely decisions. Both internal (ERP, supply chain, CRM) and external (consumer sentiment, market analysis, social media) data needs to be included in the processes. Doing so leads to improved responsiveness to consumer demand, better forecast accuracy, inventory reduction, improvement in production utilization, and sales and profit growth

Sourcing & Supplier Performance

Strategic collaboration with suppliers drives efficiencies in the supply chain reducing cost while improving quality and delivery performance. Purchasing professionals need access to supplier data to plan and execute effectively. Providing visibility to suppliers around key performance indicators such as on time shipments and perfect order fulfillment and holding them accountable will drive compliance. Sourcing and supplier scorecards provide a common platform for communicating performance, strengthening relationships and providing objective performance data that can used during negotiations with the supplier. Suppliers are collaborating across a broader scope of activities, from development and sourcing to manufacturing and distribution, so partnerships are developing with an increasing need for data and information exchange in addition to structured performance measures and indicators. Visibility is fundamental for efficient procurement. Not only can it ascertain what is being bought and from whom, but more pertinently, it can help answer the question: “Are we buying in the right way?”

Retail Analytics Qlik

Why Qlik?

Analyze customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets. Rapidly integrate data from point-of-sale, merchandising, supply chain, digital advertising, social media, financial, marketing, and resource management systems to identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities.



Retail and wholesale companies rely on Qlik for their data analytics and insights. Years of Qlik experience and expertise make AtOnce your go-to partner for implementation, consultancy and training.
How can At Once help?

Supply Chain Services

Consulting Having in-house knowledge of Qlik View or Qlik Sense, but struggling with a certain problem? Our consulting team is always ready to help you out. They are trained to help you out with performance audits, technical enhancements, and more.  
Implementation As a Qlik Solutions Provider, AtOnce has a dedicated focus on implementing all kinds of Qlik projects for retailers. Our experts will help you generate a high ROI by finding hidden insights in your retail data with both Qlik View or Qlik Sense.  
Training & Coaching Want more knowledge and expertise? Our AtOnce trainers can train you in Qlik as well. We provide both standard training for the entire Qlik portfolio or we can create a workshop based on your specific requirements or internal analytics project.  

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