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Qlik Analytics Platform

Develop, extend, and embed visual analytics in your apps, portals, anywhere – all done within a common governance and security framework.

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Put world-class, modern analytics in everyone’s hands

Qlik Sense is for all of us – executives, decision-makers, analysts… you. Enable any BI use case and let users freely search and explore to uncover insights they won’t find with query-based BI tools.

Create a data literate workforce with AI and conversational interaction

Augmented intelligence instantly raises the data literacy of every user, suggesting insights and automating processes while understanding your questions and answering in natural language.

Deploy your way – from enterprise SaaS to your cloud of choice

With a true multi-cloud architecture, deploy any combination of SaaS, on-premise, and private cloud. Scale confidently with enterprise-class data integration, open APIs, and flexible governance.

How to Choose a Modern Analytics Platform

This practical guide includes an in-depth BI evaluation checklist to help you select the optimal analytics technology for your organization.

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More Qlik Analytics Platform Benefits

1. Modern and Open APIs

The Qlik Analytics Platform APIs were built using modern standards, which are designed to work with the most up-to-date web technologies that exist today. You will have access to a set of industry standard, open, and modern programming interfaces like JavaScript, HTML5, css3 and Node, which allow you to easily create and integrate visual analytics into any application.

2. Direct Access to QIX Engine

The QIX data indexing engine is the second generation of the proven and patented engine technology that has powered Qlik products for the last decade. It provides associative data indexing and dynamic calculations that empower people to naturally explore data, allowing them to see the whole story. Associative data indexing exposes relationships in complex, multi-source data sets that would otherwise be hidden in hierarchical or query-based approaches.

3. Visualization Technology

Take advantage of Qlik’s unique visualization technology like:
• Responsive design
• Progressive disclosure
• Big Data visualization
• Mobile-ready & Touchready
• Mapping
• Smart Coloring

4. Flexible Licensing

The Qlik Analytics Platform offers both a capacity and a consumption-based licensing approach, allowing OEM’s to choose the licensing that most suits their needs and allow them to scale in a predictable and understandable manner.

5. Extend with Governance

The Qlik Analytics Platform offers a single governance framework to allow for common security, manageability, and reusability. Our approach covers a wide spectrum of analytics use cases, giving you the ability to extend the Qlik experience into any application, with any types of visualizations, all done within a common governance and security framework.

6. Open Platform for Developers

Qlik Branch is a game-changing platform for developers to accelerate innovation to bring the best ideas to market. Rooted in open source philosophy, all projects are freely distributed and modified, allowing faster collaboration and innovation. For more information please visit


Our Services

Implementation As a Qlik Solution Provider, At Once has a dedicated focus on implementation services for both data integration and data analytics solutions. Our experts will help you set-up a data insights platform to drive a true self-service and data literate workforce.
Consulting Having in-house knowledge of QlikView or Qlik Sense but struggling with certain problems? At Once consultants are always ready to help you out. They are trained to help with common issues or deep-dive performance audits, technical enhancements, etc.
Training & Coaching
Our Training Center is led by certified Qlik trainers. We provide both standard training for the entire Qlik portfolio or we can create a workshop based on your specific requirements. Apart from technical trainings we also offer data literacy training including certification.
Total Care At Once has a dedicated support and after-care team available for any urgent request or incident. Depending on your needs - we offer total care packages, including a first-line service desk and service level agreements to minimize outages and assist your employees instantly