Analysis & Optimization

To maximize the success of Qlik deployments, it’s important for organizations to have a robust, performant and scalable visual analytics environment. Find out below how we can help you achieving this on your environment.

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Application Review

When there is a performance issue with a Qlik application, or prior to adding more users, we recommend engaging us to assess and tune your application. The application review will identify areas that are impacting usability, performance, scalability or maintainability of the Qlik application. Approved changes will be made to the application, time permitting. The Application review targets a single Qlik application.

Infrastructure Review

The Infrastructure Review will assess your current Qlik environment based on At Once’s leading practices, and identify areas that impact performance, usability and maintainability. Recommendations will be made during the process to increase stability or performance and changes will be made, time permitting.

Qlik Server Platform Upgrade

Every upgrade starts with an architecture-planning workshop to review your readiness to upgrade. Our consultants will work with you to define the upgrade approach and build an upgrade plan. Our consultants follow a well-defined methodology including execution and validation of the upgrade plan. The implementation phase ends with a closing activity to summarize the work.

Qlik Migration
Sooner or later, every organization that has invested in Business Intelligence solutions faces the challenge of migrating or upgrading their current Business Intelligence platform. Our BI migration service can help your organization leverage your current investment when migrating to Qlik. With the Qlik migration service, you minimize any disruptions and risks with your daily operations. You stay focused on running your business while we help you migrate to Qlik.
Discover new insights

Helping you uncover the unknown:

  • Ensure you employ the right data
  • Get access to easy-to-use custom applications
  • Identify new opportunities

Qlik Sense Benefits

End-User Empowerent Drive insight discovery with the data visualization app that anyone can use. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization from Business or IT can easily create flexible, interactive visualization and make meaningful desisions  
Enterprise-level Security Implement enterprise-level security requirements with a flexible security-rules engine, granular control for progressive development, plus powerful auditing and logging. So that governed data enables self-service simplicity  
Anytime, Anywhere No need to develop multiple user experiences based on the variety of devices in your end-user community. By being totally responsive with the latest HTML5 technology. You can even create new data visualizations on your mobile devices.   
Self-service creation Drag and drop to create your own visualizations - without scripting. complex SQL queries, or joins  
Smart, interactive visualizations Beautiful out of the box visualizations instantly respond to interactions and changes in context  
Centralized management Find and share relevant analyses, including apps and stories, through a centralized hub  

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