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Standard Support Package

When At Once implements your Qlik environment, you will be automatically subscribed to our standard support services. This includes a team of experts who are familiar with common challenges organizations face when deploying and maintaining Qlik. They are able to quickly diagnose and resolve any Qlik product related issue you are facing. Standard support includes unlimited phone and email access to your local support team during standard business hours.

Premium Support Package

Premium support is an additional service and is available in different packages. Every package includes monitoring and fast on-site support when remote solutions are not available. Besides pre-defined support packages we can also offer customized support packages on request.

Other Support Center Benefits

Support Services maximizes and protects your investment by ensuring your organization is using the product to its full potential.

Speed time to market Access troubleshooting tips from our support engineers for quickly getting your organization up and running and tap into best practices.
Drive decision making Take advantage of the latest Qlik advancements and find new ways to use the product to improve business discovery across your company.
Build competency Through on-line resources and available support experts, hone your skills to tackle new business discovery challenges.
Minimize downtime Quickly resolve any issues that arise to ensure that the product is always available to meet your organization’s Business Discovery needs.

Qlik Sense Benefits

EXPLORE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES Qlik Sense indexes and understands every relationship in your data so you can explore freely in any direction. It’s like x-ray vision, revealing insights you can’t see with query-based BI tools.  
CREATE ANALYTICS FASTER Easily combine and load data, create smart visualizations, and drag and drop to build rich analytics apps accelerated by suggestions and automation from AI.  
LET AI AMPLIFY YOUR MIND Augmented intelligence enhances human intuition throughout Qlik Sense with suggested insights, automated processes, and natural language interaction.  
SHARE AND GO MOBILE Stay productive online or offline with fully interactive mobile analytics. Make discoveries, easily collaborate, and take action with data — anywhere, anytime.  
BUILD, EXTEND, EMBED Develop any analytics you can imagine with a complete set of open APIs and bring them into any app, project, or process with powerful embedded analytics support.  
SCALE ACROSS THE CLOUD Easily combine SaaS, hybrid multi-cloud, and on-premise deployment options with the industry’s only true multi-cloud architecture. The choice is yours.  

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