As a first-time QlikView or Qlik Sense user, you want your initial applications to delight and engage users so they readily adopt them and start realizing business value as early as possible.

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Our experts will get you started as fast as possible. For client-managed (on-premise or private cloud) deployments, our architects will make sure your Qlik Analytics Platform is set-up according best-practices. In just 1 day we install and configure the basics to get started with Qlik Sense or QlikView. We offer a variety of start-up packages. Check them out!

Realize Business Value

We help you start building your first QlikView or Qlik Sense applications. Identifying data sources, connecting them to the Qlik platform and defining the best-fit visualisations to provide immediate insights to your business partners. Our experts will help you towards a successful roll-out of your Data Analytics applications. 

Our Approach

Whether it’s a small project or a big project, our approach is quite consistent. Each project will be completed with 100% success. Our key factor? Good Agreements makes us Good Partners.

Kick-off Let's get to know each other and identify your challenges and goals. We'll define a clear roadmap for success.
PoC Seeing is believing. We can start small with a simple proof of value that shows what unlocking insights in data with Qlik can mean for your business.
Implementation Let's make this thing happen and elaborate your business to a higher level through data and analytics.
Support We’ll never leave anyone behind. We have your back, anytime, anywhere.

Qlik Sense Benefits

End-User Empowerent Drive insight discovery with the data visualization app that anyone can use. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization from Business or IT can easily create flexible, interactive visualization and make meaningful desisions  
Enterprise-level Security Implement enterprise-level security requirements with a flexible security-rules engine, granular control for progressive development, plus powerful auditing and logging. So that governed data enables self-service simplicity  
Anytime, Anywhere No need to develop multiple user experiences based on the variety of devices in your end-user community. By being totally responsive with the latest HTML5 technology. You can even create new data visualizations on your mobile devices.   
Self-service creation Drag and drop to create your own visualizations - without scripting. complex SQL queries, or joins  
Smart, interactive visualizations Beautiful out of the box visualizations instantly respond to interactions and changes in context  
Centralized management Find and share relevant analyses, including apps and stories, through a centralized hub  

We'll be happy to help you with your implementation needs.

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