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Visualizing project management data made easy!

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The most intuitive project planning timeline tool for Qlik Sense

Vizlib Gantt lets you plan, organise and visualise your processes in Qlik Sense. Incredibly intuitive, Vizlib Gantt comes jam-packed with advanced capabilities to help you keep projects on track, optimise resources and forecast accurately.

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Keep track of progress

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Monitor the progress of tasks and workflows easily with custom milestones and custom periods to prioritise and optimise on the fly. Shade non-working time to better manage your resources and avoid critical dependencies.

More context on hover

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Get the bigger picture on specific project data points with embeddable HTML tooltips. Support the journey to insights with supplemental information that encourages more engagement and deeper data exploration.

Guided visual orientation

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Fast-track insights by directing the user’s attention and adding more context to your planning with visual cues like reference lines and progress bars.

How to use Vizlib Gantt to improve your planning

Visualizing process Quickly spot bottlenecks and optimise your workflows. Achieve a start-to-finish view of complex data flows and process steps to be able to pin down risks, such as late payments, shipping delays or customer churn, and optimization, opportunities like shortening the sales cycle or improving the fulfilment process.
Project planning Stay on top of things. Keep track of project progress using dynamic markers or milestones and maintain a 360-view of the entire project timeline, no matter how complex it gets. Use visual reports to quickly understand the dependencies between tasks and prioritise correctly.
Resource planning Know who’s busy, when and why. Know where your resources are allocated, who’s got the bandwidth to step in to help and which tasks are stalling due to poor resource management. Whether it’s shift planning, loading production schedules, mapping out the team availability or allocating resources on the strategic roadmap, you can see it all at a glance with a visual framework.
Looking at the big picture Produce a visual sequence of events. Long-term projects that have lots of moving parts can be particularly challenging to deliver on time, on budget and without incidents. From drug development timeline and patient journeys to global advertising campaigns and seasonal trends – see all critical milestones in a neat chronological order to get a birds-eye view of the entire project.

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vizlib significantly broadens the qlik experience with many additional features that benefit you, and all your colleagues. Talk to an experts to get a clear picture of how Vizlib's solutions to your needs.

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