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VIZLIB self-service

Add more flex to your data exploration in Qlik Sense.

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Vizlib Self-Service is the ultimate reporting solution for Qlik Sense

Rather than catering to one group of users only, Vizlib Self-Service will empower your organisation to create a secure data sandbox.
This way, all types of users — from largely non-technical people to super users — will be able to explore their data independently and discover meaningful insights faster.

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Governed data exploration

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With Vizlib Self-Service, users can freely slice-and-dice data and extract quick insights without the risk of breaking anything or losing vital information. Less dependency on IT, more actionable insights across the organisation.

Driving data literacy

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Help your business users progress from consuming data in static reports to discovering insights by themselves. Boosting data literacy skills is all about making your teams more comfortable engaging with data. And with the highly agile Custom Report solution, they’ll be building their own reports on the fly and at their skill level.

Self-Service functionalities

A headache free way of making your data accessible to all users.

Custom report The most powerful self-service solution and all-round reporting magic tool. Create dynamic straight or pivot tables based on data in master tables and convert interesting findings into other types of visualisations within the Custom Report. Plus, enjoy dozens of beautiful presets and rich customisation options.
Cards Extension Snazz up your dashboards with pictures of products, logos or even people! This table extension with cards as cells and responsive design also supports selections, multiple layouts and image size options and a “Select and Go to Sheet” mode.
Selection Bar This horizontal selection bar has pre-selected values that allow fields, variables, and flags to be displayed. Also available: preset selections, linking to other Qlik Sense documents, and the ability to set variables and select dates quickly.
KPI Extension Gives you the ability to create KPIs with configurable colours and trends. This extension is fully responsive and works well for showing images. Also perfect for navigating from a dashboard into other sheets!
Container Box Save real-estate on your dashboard by including alternative objects within the same space. Container Box allows you to switch between different objects either through a menu or via icons. And you can go as far as adding a container within a container!
Vizlib Tiles Create customised tile-style summaries that add visual flair to your data organisation. Easily choose the layout and formatting that suits your reporting needs with the dynamic table structure. Vizlib Tiles uses a single dimension and a number of measures so you can include images, descriptions and even ratings as layers.
Vizlib Toolbar Get more control over your reporting and save valuable dashboard space. Create customised selection bars, buttons, sliders, input boxes, switches and more. The dynamic functionality includes dropdowns, alignment options, and responsive design – simplifying how you make selections, change variables or trigger actions.

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vizlib significantly broadens the qlik experience with many additional features that benefit you, and all your colleagues. Talk to an experts to get a clear picture of how Vizlib's solutions to your needs.

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