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Rather than catering to one group of users only, Vizlib Self-Service will empower your organisation to create a secure data sandbox. This way, all types of users—from largely non-technical people to super users—will be able to explore their data independently and discover meaningful insights faster.

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Governed data exploration


With Vizlib Self-Service, users can freely slice-and-dice data and extract quick insights without the risk of breaking anything or losing vital information. Less dependency on IT, more actionable insights across the organisation.


Driving data literacy

Help your business users progress from consuming data in static reports to discovering insights by themselves. Boosting data literacy skills is all about making your teams more comfortable engaging with data. And with the highly agile Custom Report solution, they’ll be building their own reports on the fly and at their skill level.

More Vizlib Benefits

1. Vizlib Analytic Search

Analytic Search for Custom Report enables fast, easy access to your data. The familiar web-like search interface makes data exploration simple and intuitive. You can query your dataset by typing or speaking (much like a Google search), but within a governed dataset in Qlik Sense.

2. Customisable Preset Themes

Quickly and easily spruce up your reports with fully customisable Preset Themes for Vizlib Custom Report. With a library of stylish templates at your fingertips, you can produce visually stunning reports that integrate seamlessly with your brand or interface

3. Viz inside the Vizlib Custom Report

Easily convert interesting data discoveries into various types of visualisations for more meaningful insights at a glance. And if needed, export them to new applications or sheets at a click.

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Consulting Having in-house knowledge of QlikView or Qlik Sense but struggling with a certain problem? Our consulting team is always ready to help you out. They are trained to help you out with performance audits, technical enhancements, etc.
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Our At Once trainers will train you in Qlik! We provide both standard training for the entire Qlik portfolio or we can create a workshop based on your specific requirements / project.
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